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Car Wash

Vehicle Fleet Cleaning

A clean image and look can help you stay more visible and help even the most experienced companies above the rest. You can be confident that your fleet will look its best by allowing the extensive experience of BBMW to help you provide a clean (and memorable impression.

Apartment Pressure Washing or Soft Wash Services

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Residents of an apartment want to feel like they are receiving the most possible value for their investment. They need a place to live, but they also have their choice in who they feel deserves their investment. Apartments are also, in many ways, a makeshift community, and in order for that community to thrive, the communal areas need to look their best.

As a property manager, you want to keep the exterior attractive and inviting. Pool areas, sidewalks, parking lots – these all factor into your tenant’s impressions of your value, so it is important to keep them looking well maintained. Yet as dirt and debris build, your complex could begin to look dated and unprofessional, and your property values may suffer.

Your Local Residential Pressure Washing Company

Other Power Washing Services

Every property can use pressure washing. But when it comes to your home, there is often nothing as important as feeling as though you are living somewhere that is clean, new, and safe. That’s what pressure washing can provide residential properties, and why so many families and apartment managers choose BBMW for their power clean service. 


Big Bore Mobile Wash provides a professional clean for all types of multi-family properties. Learn how we can restore and maintain your apartment building with pressure washing or soft washing by sending us an email at:, by calling (706) 530-8266 or filling out our online form.

·      Fences

·      Playgrounds

·      Patios

·      Pool area

·      Furniture

·      Decks

·      Driveways & Walkways

·      Trailer & Mobile homes

·      And Much More, just ask…


Pressure cleaning is our passion. As a family and Veteran owned business, BBMW has made a name for itself first by genuinely caring about customer service. We know how difficult it can be to work with contractors, and we want you to feel thrilled to select us for your residential property. We see pressure washing an investment. In order for you to get the most from your investment, you have to be confident that you’re getting genuinely the best power clean experience.


We’re here to help. We are consistently learning about new products and services, reinvesting in our technology, and the devices. Our equipment is capable of delivering:


  • High Pressure Washing – Perfect for stains and buildup on hard surfaces, high pressure washing can push out buildup found deep inside of even the most porous surfaces, delivering an exceptional clean. 

  • Low Pressure or Soft Washing – For surfaces that need less pressure and more sensitive surfaces, low pressure washing provides an excellent clean without any chance of damaging the property. It is also a great choice for smoother surfaces. 

Gutter Cleaning Service

Every property can use pressure washing. But when it comes to your home, there is often nothing as important knowing that your is safe and in good conditions, don't let clogged up gutter destroy your roof and create new issues for that we have a solution. We also clean your Gutters & Downspouts 


Big Bore Mobile Wash genuinely cares about the environment. We’re an eco-friendly company that uses safe non-toxic detergents. These are as powerful as the harsher chemical treatments, but reduce the impact our cleaning services have on the health of both the city and those that live on the property. We are always happy to provide a free quote and low-cost estimate to prove that you’re making the right choice with Big Bore Mobile Wash.

We have ongoing monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annual pressure washing services with great rates. Pressure or soft washing is useful for any type of property. But there are many specific benefits for those that pressure wash their homes or other residential properties that make it a smart investment no matter how big your home, home old it is, or how long you plan to live there.


These include:


Better Value and Curb Appeal – Homes that appear freshly cleaned sell for a higher value and have more curb appeal than those that do not. Pressure washing your home is great for selling your home, getting it appraised, or just making sure those others visiting see that your home has that pride of ownership.

Safer and Healthier – Much of the buildup on a property, including the buildup you cannot see, is filled with allergens, bacteria, and more. Plus is faster and easier to clean up, you can clear away the entire property in a day and have it ready to be viewed the next day, all at minimal personal cost.


Less Long Term Damage – Pressure or soft washing is able to melt away potentially years of damage. But some contaminants, like bird droppings, can eat away at paint, siding, and more the longer they are on your property. The sooner these are cleaned, the less damage it may cause.


Cost-Efficient Investment for Restoration – Pressure or soft washing –can help a property look new, all without any new paint, sealant, or other restoration tools. It can also help clean damaged areas to make it easier to apply new paint or for repair.

In addition, those that power washes their home simply tend to love their home more. Your home looks nicer, feels cleaner, and thus gives you that sense of appreciation for your property value has been reduced when the home looked less clean and less new. 

It’s possible to buy a pressure washer and perform this you but few people have the time and energy to dedicate to pressure washing their entire property. 


That’s why so many choose Big Bore Mobile Wash, taking advantage of our experienced team and advanced technology to get the best possible results at low costs. 



Big Bore Mobile Wash (BBMW) is mobile. We’re based in Augusta, Ga, but because we are able to bring all of our equipment to any location we service, and because we’re more than happy to drive well outside of our home base, we’re able to provide our services to essentially any home or property, all throughout the CSRA. Our service locations include:


  • Stevens Creek West, Ga

  • Evans, Ga

  • Martinez, Ga

  • Grovetown, Ga

  • Harlem, Ga

  • Hephzibah, Ga

  • Mcbean, Ga

  • Blythe, Ga

Start the Process Today – Call Big Bore Mobile Wash for a Free Quote


Big Bore Mobile Wash is licensed, insured, and bonded. We are available for one-time services, or affordable ongoing contracts. We are also happy to partner with real estate agents that want to provide a service for their clients before taking a home to market, and work with HOAs to ensure that the street, sidewalk, or properties remain clean.

No matter what buildup you’re facing or whether you’ve ever had pressure washing before, please give us a call today or fill out the form to the right. We’ll happily talk to you about what we offer, give you a quote, or schedule your service at a time that is convenient to you.

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