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Dionis from Big Bore Mobile Wash came to my property to help us clean a deck and backyard area that needed a lot of care after being vacant for a long time. He was very responsive and let us know what would be needed and happening along each part of the project. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs pressure washing services!

Del H. 

Big Bore was very professional and courteous. The experience with them exceeded my expectations. I hired them to clean and stain a large deck. Not only did they do that, they also moved everything on the deck and I didn't have to do anything! They also cleaned and stained my swing as well as pressure-washed patio walls. I would highly recommend Big Bore for all my outside home care. They are coming next week to clean my gutters! Great start-up company that needs consideration! 

Ronnie L. 

Very professional, showed up as promised, and made sure I was satisfied with the results. Great price for the work done. I would recommend this company. Thanks Big Bore, job well done! 

Claudia M. 

"Dionis from Big Bore Mobile Wash came out to our property shortly after we moved in. The house needed a lot of work since there was dirt, debris everywhere on the decks that surround the property. With all the questions we had, he was patient and let us know what would be happening and in what timeframe. I would definitely recommend Big Bore to anyone who needs a responsive professional who gets the job done."


Eric T. 

Big Bore Mobile Wash did a great job! 

Noelle E. 

Dionis from Big Bore came to help clean our driveway and the entry to our home. He was on time, let us know what he would be doing and the amount of time it would take to get everything done. The front of our home looks great! Would hire again. 

Shron L. 

He did a great job, and I would hire him again for any task I need done, like gutter debris removal. Thanks, Big Bore. 

Olivia W. says: 

Helen M. says:

Their promptness was amazing! Came to work, did not waste time. They worked hard and were pleasant and professional to work with. 

Ryan C. says: 

It was great! he did an excellent job! 

Sharine C. says: 

Big Bore was very professional, friendly, and nice. I would recommend him! He showed up on time and did an outstanding job! 

Olivia W. 

Quick response, on time, and professional. Reasonably priced as well! 

Pedro R. 

Great value, timely, honest and even came back and did a little extra after he received payment to make sure I was happy. 

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